Thursday, May 5, 2011

the graceful one

this is a girl i've been wanting to blog about for a long time.  Lexy Hoff is a very special cat who lives in Kitchener.  She was born with double the amount of grace and sweet temperament than kittens usually are doled out.

She is lucky to have extremely devoted parents who appreciate her beauty.

 The sunlight illuminates her guard hairs - or is that her aura?

Graceful as a ballerina, but this kitten's got claws!

a true lady crosses her paws

I think cats washing their paws is one of the most lovely things to watch.  Cats!

and a perfect full tuck.  

Thank you so much to Lindz Hoff for sharing your beautiful angel with me and for your unwavering support of all animals.

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  1. i love that on the second to last picture you just yelled out "cats!" i do this sometimes, much to the chagrin of my companions!!