Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you are my sister and i love you

Sonya is a Cuban baby cat-cat who deserves love.  She was named in memory of Sonja, a Hungarian farm cat who recently went to the woods to die alone - as kitties are wont to do. Sisters across the world. How they feel about each other can be best expressed by the words of Antony Hegarty's song, "You Are My Sister".

We were born so innocent - so full of need. 
At times we were friends and at times I was so cruel...
but tonight I ask for you to watch me as I sleep
I was so afraid of the night. You seemed to move through the places that I feared.
You lived inside my world so softly, protected only by the kindness of your nature.
The way we laughed, the way we experienced pain. Faces, worlds, no one else will ever know!
You are my sister, and i love you. May all of your dreams come true. I want this for you! I see them coming true.

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