Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kyn Language.

My family has an extensive vocabulary of cat-language, which my grandma, aunt and mom called Kyn Language.  When a cat assumes this position, the Morses/Anglins call it making a loaf, or sitting in a loaf. 

This is called a half-tuck, because only one paw is tucked under his chest.  The back part is called the haunches.  If they are fluffy, they are said to have haunch feathers, or haunch fezzers.
Feeding time!  The lovely sisters Hoff fed these skinny babies their pancakes and bacon!
Cold lampin'.
Scruff-faced beauty.

Look at that little chest!  Poor bb.  Stay tuned for more kyn language, some of it gets pretty weird!

Beautiful Cuba cat in resort wear captured by Steph and Lindz.


  1. don't forget the ever-famous "cookie". or furdy chest.

  2. the cookie is the dotted part where the whiskers come out, on either side of the nose. when kitties get very playful [like stella], their cookie gets really puffy.

    the furdy chest is a rough-and-tumble sort of look. like bertie's belly hair.