Monday, August 15, 2011

Cats of South America

My friend Amy Egerdeen spent the summa traversing the busty mountains and dank valleys of South America, and, like a good friend, documented the beautiful cats that she came across in her travels.  Dear readers, the cats of South America truly take their cuteness duties very seriously.  Please see below.

My word! Are these kittenettes in a tank?  Look at those little imprisoned faces!  Look at that sad unusual jail bird face on the lower right in the second pic!

Flowers and white socked tabby looking up to Goddy.

Smiling and sun bathing beauty.

Cat patrol, with goose.

A lurker and a loafer.

druid cat / felinus concretia

cactus catty / hot tin roof prowler

pussywillow eating porridge.  honest eyes.

the whitest magician

the innocentest tourist

A cinnamon-vanilla bun on wooden plank with papier du toilette et soda pop.

This performance speaks to the balancing act that is the daily struggle of South American cats (keep a work/life balance, bb!)

The Cat-ette and the Cathedral / You get me closer to God. 


  1. Love it. Long live nine live-d cats with nine inch nails.

  2. We could truly be world travelers in search of cats I think! We always have a contest for the first person in the car to spot the first cat....xo