Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cat craze.

So the newest craze in cat culture is getting portraits of your cats commissioned in order to prove your undying love and devotion to them.  Without these art works, your cats WILL NOT KNOW you love them!  

Take Brenda here, for instance.  My parents had Bren-Bren immortalized by local textile artist Margaret Butt (yeah, I said it).  Margaret rug-hooked Brenda's likeness onto a chair pad - that Brenda now sits on!  It's the ultimate luxury for little Brenda.  

I mean, look how insecure and sad Brenda looked before we had her portrait taken: 

 She is not certain we love her enough!!!  

But when she saw herself lovingly portrayed in recycled fibres....

She totally knew she was loved.
haha, that wasn't even the photo that Margaret used for Brenda!  She just always looks like that!!  So cute.

Gotta let you COP fans know that the bio-pic about my life, called The Cat Blog, is coming to theatres soons!  I'll be played by Jessica Alba and Tatum Channing's gonna be Kam.  Don't worry - when the bottom falls out of the cat blog boom, I'll work it all out in art therapy.  Happy 420 y'all!  

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